Plenty of folks can manage to talk their way through just about any situation – and make it look easy, too. But when you’re trying to increase your bottom line, an off-the-cuff approach isn’t always the best strategy when it comes to sales and service. The most successful dealerships often have very predictable sales processes, which is why we recommend implementing a script at your dealership as a great way to improve sales.

Now, you’re probably asking, “Louie, what on Earth is a script?” A script is simply a series of steps and dialogue that your sales representatives and managers can (and should!) follow while they’re serving customers. Incorporating a script, such as our Powerhouse Script, into your sales process is a surefire way to ensure that you are maximizing your chances for success during each and every transaction.

Today on the Sales to CEO University blog, we’re taking a close look at how scripts can help you generate more sales, the key elements that every dealership should include in their scripts, and why you should start using scripts today. Let’s dive in!

How a Script Can Improve Your Sales

We can all agree that selling cars is the ultimate goal of any successful dealership – so how can a script help you reach your goals and improve your sales?

  • Scripts Create Uniform Sales Processes Across Your Dealership. When your team is following a script, it helps create a dependable and trustworthy experience for every customer who visits your dealership. The majority of customers want to purchase from a dealer that has a reputation for these qualities, and knowing that your team is following a script provides peace-of-mind that your sales processes are running in a predictable fashion, even when you’re not there to oversee each transaction.
  • Scripts Save You Time. Let’s face it – the quicker you can funnel a customer from greeting to close, the quicker you can serve your next customer. More customers, more sales and more revenue – that’s what we’re after!
  • Scripts Minimize Customer Walkouts & Improve Conversions. Scripts have been carefully crafted to address virtually every aspect of the sales process, and to train your team on how to professionally manage a wide range of customers and scenarios. When you can address customer needs, handle objections and confidently move through the sales process from start to finish, you’re guaranteed to reduce customer walkouts and increase sales.

Creating Your Dealership Script

Even though your dealership will surely have its own unique way of doing things, customer buying habits and sales processes are typically very predictable – that’s why scripts are so successful. When you’re creating your script, you’ll want to consider important elements like how each team member will greet clients, what the first five minutes of every transaction should look and sound like, what role the manager plays in the sales process, language for handling objections, strategies for managing time, and a narrative that will ultimately funnel each customer to a successful close.

Sales to CEO University Can Transform Your Dealership

Not quite sure where to start? That’s where Sales to CEO University comes in! Learn how to take your dealership to the next level (and earn $30K or more annually!) with tools like our exclusive Powerhouse Script video training. Once you start using scripts at your dealership, you can expect to see your day-to-day running more smoothly, your team members managing each transaction with increased confidence, and for your sales to grow. You can also keep up-to-date on the latest in dealership management, sales, troubleshooting and tips for success by following our Sales to CEO Podcast. If you have lingering questions about scripts, or our comprehensive dealer-training programs, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more – we’re here to help you achieve #NextLevel dealership success!